I drive the same exact route to work everyday--it's been that way for the last two years. I take a route in the heart of Sartell, too. Second Street is usually pretty quiet when I leave for work. There are no cars on the road and there certainly aren't any DEER.

This morning, for the first time in my LIFE, I almost hit a deer on the road. There was a young buck just hanging out in the middle turn lane. When I saw him, I slammed on my breaks (that's a total no, no by the way...never slam on your breaks). In total disbelief I just stared at him for a second. He didn't move right away, so  I thought he was fake at first--some kind of teenage hoax.

After a a second or two, the deer took off running into a parking lot! It's safe to say I was a little shaken up by the whole thing because I just nearly smoked a deer. That was enough to wake me up, no caffeine needed. So, GOOD MORNING central, Minnesota. Keep your eyes peeled for deer, because they are out there in full force.