The Rebel Alliance made a pact to protect. So my crew is called "The Rebel Alliance" and we have adopted a city drain close to our house and named it Yoda. Any decent Jedi would never let anything bad happen to Yoda...right?

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The Rebel Alliance has a pledge:

"We, the Rebel Alliance, do therefore in the name—and by the authority—of the free beings of the Galaxy, solemnly publish and declare our intentions:
To fight and oppose you and your forces, by any and all means at our disposal;
(In our case: Keep garbage out of our drains).

To refuse any Imperial law contrary to the rights of free beings;
(If garbage is thinking it's going into my city drain...it's so wrong).

To bring about your destruction and the destruction of the Galactic Empire;
(We will not allow your garbage to infiltrate through our drain Yoda).

To make forever free all beings in the galaxy.
(Our street will be free from the debris that the darkside tries to throw upon us).

To these ends, we pledge our property, our honor, and our lives."
(Basically...we pledge to clean our drain).

―Declaration of Rebellion
(Declaration of "The Rebel Alliance" in St. Cloud)


My Co Host Pete "The Drainiac" Hansen, adopted TWO drains on his side of town, so I thought we could adopt one close to our home. Why not? All your doing is making your city a cleaner place to live; and every time I walk by a drain I think; Darn! That's a mess. I wonder if I can clean it out?

The answer is YES. You can...AND You can adopt a drain too. It obviously doesn't cost anything. Have fun with your family. Come up with a name for your family and name the drains you adopt. It's about a 15 minute job twice a year..and no...it doesn't cost anything. It's time you can spend teaching your kids about doing their part to take care of their planet, and time you can spend together is always good in my book.

To adopt your drain, click HERE now. Have fun with it. You'll get a dashboard that shows the impact you're making on the environment and the community by doing your part.



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