Is there anything scarier than a hurricane at full force? Not if you’re in the middle of it filming the action.

These extremely bold individuals risked their lives (or at least sanity) for the following 10 pieces of footage, so take a moment to appreciate their heroic service to the country.

1. Hurricane Charley (2004)

This is known as the ‘Hurricane Charley Gas Station’ video and shows, not surprisingly, a gas station in Charlotte Harbor, FL. As sturdy as this gas station might be, Charley takes it on and literally rips it to shreds. The surviving scraps of metal hang limply as Charley moves on to his next opponent.

These winds are over 155 mph — don’t know about you but we wouldn’t be so happy to sit in the front row seats for much longer!

2. Hurricane Katrina (2005)

All we want to know is how this dude got out of the parking lot he was shooting from. And also if he’s quite right in the head.

3. Hurricane Earl (2010)

This is from a NASA plane actually flying through the eye of the storm. At 1:35 you can see the wing of the plane flexing as they pass into the eye. Bold trip, even with training!

4. Hurricane Ike (2008)

Commendable effort, guys. The way that first reporter just continues to stand clutching his microphone as he’s sploshed by Ike shows iron-clad commitment to his job/paycheck. And the second guy, well, he should just be embarrassed. And the third guy (the one filming the second guy), kudos on keeping your reaction to a small chuckle. Nothing like a helping hand when a hurricane sweeps you off your feet.

5. Hurricane Juan (2003)

Why this not-so-intelligent bunch stand around casually chilling after their near-death experience is beyond us…

6. Hurricane Irene (2011)

It’s always great to pick an empty spot for a quick dip, undisturbed by others, peaceful, no kids peeing around you…unfortunately, Irene had the same idea as this man and quickly crashed the party. Poor guy.

7. Hurricane Rina (2011)

Caught from outer space on International Space Station cameras, you can see Rina over the Caribbean Sea, causing a bit of a splash.

8. Hurricane Emily (1993)

From a documentary called ‘Stormchasers,’ this video almost makes hurricanes out to be some must-see tourist activity!

9. Hurricane Irene (2011)

The bridge withstands Irene’s heavy current only to a point and eventually plops into the river, leaving our friends behind the camera in tears. Or laughing. It’s somewhat unclear.

10. Un-named Hurricane

They say Sampson brought the roof down with ease, but this gust of wind lifts the entire roof off a house (arguably more impressive than bringing it down) like we might lift the lid off our cookie jar!

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