Isle will be home to a wolf predation meeting and open forum this Saturday starting at 6:30pm. The meeting will focus on controlling the predator population, as the group states that the deer population is being "destroyed".

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The meeting, which you can find an event for on social media here, is being hosted by the organization Hunters for Hunters.

Image Credit: Hans Veth via Unsplash
Image Credit: Hans Veth via Unsplash

According to the online event invitation:

How do we control the predator problem that's destroying our deer population? Lets talk about it!

Wolf Predation Meeting
Free Event - Open Forum

Guest Speaker: Steve Porter - Whitetail Deer Expert

January 13th 2024, 6:30-8:30 PM

Isle High School
730 5th Ave.
Isle, MN 56342

We are inviting all of our State Senators and State Representatives to attend this event to answer questions about our MN wolf problem.

The donations that we receive at this event are not tax deductible.
The group Hunters for Hunters currently is focusing their efforts solely on the control of Minnesota's wolf population. The group's website states:
Hunters for Hunters wants wolf population control across its entire range of Minnesota and the Great Lakes region. Wolves should be balanced like any other species, requiring management in order to preserve and grow the abundance of the wolf’s prey species; deer and moose, for the betterment of the hunting community. Currently, the state of Minnesota is not engaging in any form of management, endangering our hunting traditions, and using the Endangered Species Act to not engage the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and other states in the effort to remove this recovered species from the Endangered Species Act in the Great Lakes region.
You can learn more about the organization by heading here.

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