Probably 10 years ago now, I remember being at a convention where the speakers were talking about protein shakes, and how many countries around the world are already using crickets as the protein source in their powdered shake mixes. I was sort of horrified by the thought, and I've been looking at the ingredients list on my protein shake powdered mixes ever since. So far, I haven't come across "Crickets" being on the nutrition label. However, that could all be changing soon.

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Snacks that feature flavored crickets are going to be available at this years Minnesota State Fair, at the Gentleman Forager Booth which will be located inside the Grandstand shopping complex.

The two cricket snacks that are going to be offered at the booth, are based off of crickets that were grown at a Minnesota based company called 3 Cricketeers Cricket Farm.


The snacks are described as crunch and savory.  There will be two kinds of crickets offered at the booth. BBQ Crickets and Sofrito Crickets, mixed with toasted sunflower seeds that are also grown locally.  The BBQ snacks are described as having a smokey flavor with a little bit of sweet and a little bit of spice all combined together.  The Sofrito snack has a little bit of heat, and is garlicy, with a bit of onion, cumin, chili pepper, and oregano flavors all mixed together.


I guess the biggest question is, what in the heck does a cricket taste like? I mean, I'm still not sure that I can get past the idea of actually eating a cricket on purpose, but if I could, what should I expect?

The crickets are described as being sort of nutty tasting, and apparently they can be eaten whole, but as I feared, they  are also turned into cricket protein powder that can be added to lots of things, like flour when you're baking, smoothies, bars, cookies and shakes.  Honestly, I guess if I didn't know I was eating cricket protein powder, why would I care? It's a great source of protein, b12,calcium and magnesium, fiber and more. They are also gluten free, and obviously are good for people who might be allergic to nuts, dairy and soy products.

Are you ready for a cricket based diet?


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