ST. CLOUD -- A comedy tour is in St. Cloud Tuesday night raising money for the Texas-based non-profit Lone Survivor Foundation.

The "Humor for Heroes" tour features four comedians; "Fancy Ray" McCloney, John Bush, Rob Benton, and Chris Shaw, all-together they call themselves "The That Pack", a modern-day take on the old "Rat Pack".


Comedian Chris Shaw is a Navy Veteran who's benefited from the Lone Survivor Foundation's programs.  He says the goal for the tour is to raise at least $25,000 for the foundation. He says they want to do this without charging people too much, so they based their venues off that idea.

"We use the criteria of places that have banquet halls or venues that have a minimum of 100 seats [so] we could keep ticket prices low and just look to fill rooms."

The tickets for each show will be $10 apiece and available at VFW Post 428. Shaw says they try to localize each show as much as they can.

"We do localize some of the material - based on where we go - so we do a little research when we get to town, find out what's going on and anything about the audience, and any local news that may be a big deal."

All four have deep connections to the service, Shaw as a Navy Vet, Benton, an Air Force Vet, and both McCloney and Bush have deep family ties to the Army.

The tour will wrap up in Minneapolis on Veteran's day. Shaw says his experience with the Lone Survivor Foundation, and how they helped him, played a big role in his desire to help them, especially in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

The Lone Survivor Foundation was founded by former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, who wrote the 2007 bestseller "Lone Survivor" based on his experiences during Operation Red Wing in Afghanistan.  The Lone Survivor Foundation is built around helping Veterans

The Lone Survivor Foundation is built around helping Veterans adjust to their experiences overseas. They help with PTSD, Military Sexual Trauma, and several other issues.

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