Here in Minnesota, we love to keep our eyes on the stars; watch the northern lights, and just enjoy viewing our amazing Milky Way. The Gemini Meteor shower has been going on since Thanksgiving weekend, but things are getting ready to ramp up; where we can expect to see up to 120 meteors an hour if the weather is right. The light show is expected to peak on December 13th and December 14th, 2023.

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Image Credit: austin schmid via unsplash
Image Credit: austin schmid via unsplash

I was reading an article that said Astronomers are saying the Geminids are worth staying up late for as they are the year's 'most consistently prolific shower."

According to the article, we should have a really good view of the shooting stars, because we will have very little moonlight at that time, and the meteors should stand out against the night sky if we get a clear view during this time.


If you are planning on watching, December 13th, 2023 is expected to be the best time for viewing. If you happen to have another night available, December 14th could also be another amazing evening of shooting stars.

On peak night, be prepared around 9:30 pm because the shower is expected to be at its peak around 10 p.m. Don't forget to grab a camera, and if you have the ability to take some really cool photos, we would love to see them and share them with everyone.

Send your photos of the meteor shower to kelly.cordes@townsquaremedia.com.

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