5 things to make sure you have tonight if you are celebrating Cinco De Mayo.

1. Tums -- You never know what combination of Mexican food you may consume today so make sure you have an antacid - just in case!

2. Tequila -- The official choice of liquor for the day - but rail tequila isn't the greatest so try a sip of a couple different brands to find your favorite (for the night at least).

3. A Sombrero -- You can get in the spirit and look the part! Plus they're just fun to wear.

4. A Ride -- Weather it's a taxi, your mom, or a friend make sure you have someone lined up to bring you home, being stuck somewhere and drunk off tequila is no fun! And drinking and drivingis dumb - don't do it!

5. A celebratory attitude -- This is a Mexican holiday to celebrate their victory over the French Army in 1862 - what that means to us: Another holiday with an excuse to drink!

Have fun and drink lots of water before bed!

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