Some of you might think....100 ounces of water! Who in the world would want to drink 100 ounces of water in a day? Then there are those of you that say, "Who only drinks 100 ounces of water in a day?  Well...I find it very difficult to get all that water in...seriously. It sort of makes me mad that our bodies need so much water, since we also have to find time to drink it!  I've been working on accomplishing this goal to make it a daily habit, so here we go. This is how I've been able to do it the last few days.


Whenever you get out of bed....go to the bathroom, weigh yourself...and once that's done, drink water. I try to get in at least 8 ounces before I get to work. Once my first 8 ounces is in, along with my vitamins, I fill my 32 ounce water bottle and head to work.

6-9 AM

My goal everyday, is to finish 32 ounces of water by the time I leave the studio each morning. I shoot for 9 am because when 9 am rolls around, I usually still have at least 16 ounces I need to put down. Setting my timer reminds me that time is running out, and if I want to stay on schedule, I need to stick with my plan.

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10AM to NOON

From 10am to Noon, I plan on drinking my second round of 32 ounces. I do this because this is the time that I'm on the air on WJON, and in my four voice breaks over that two hour period, I figure instead of talking, I can get some water in before my next guest gets there. It doesn't always happen, but if I can do it, I'm half way to my goal! Today, I didn't get it done by Noon, but I DID get it done by 1215pm. Win Win!


This is where things start to fall apart. I'm busy. I'm leaving work. I'm headed to appointments, the grocery store, thinking about the rest of my day. Keep your water bottle with you and try to drink water on your commute home, or to the store; your appointments. Wherever you go, having that water bottle next to you to think...drink drink drink. Don't start driving until you've drunk a bit. Don't get out until you've got a few more ounces under your belt.

3-6 PM

Sounds like it should be a shew in. If I've already got 96 ounces in, why would I shoot for more? Since you are supposed to drink half your body weight in water each day, I figure a little extra can go a long way.  IF you don't get your last bit of water in by the time you go to bed, try drinking some before bed, and during the night. Even though you might have to go to the bathroom more often, they say water at night is great to flush out your system as your body is recovering from the day.


Let me know what works for you. Send your water drinking ideas to


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