The Vikings take on the Eagles this coming Sunday, Oct. 7th. Kickoff is a 3:25 PM, which gives us plenty of time Sunday to get our chores done and get some movement in before we glue our butts to the couch for the evening. CNN put out an article this week giving healthy tips for football Sunday. Here are the tips no one asked for but got anyway.

1. Eat something healthy before the game. - So a game day salad at noon to stop the snacking during the game? Nothing says game day like a bowl of greens...

2. Wear a belt - Skip the lucky sweats and put on jeans a a belt. It'll help you feel fuller faster, but it might cause the team to lose. I choose sweats.

3. Alternate between beer and water - Actually, this is a good tip. We gotta work on Monday.


4. Keep the conversation going - If you're talking you're not eating. But if you're talking the whole time you won't be invited back over to watch the game. Tread lightly.

5. Go for a walk at halftime - "Insert Crying-laughing Emoji" here.

6. Plan a snacking stopping point - Put the chips away after the second quarter, or when they're gone. A stopping point is a stopping point.

Some good tips, some duds. It's not stopping me from drowning myself in guac and cheese dip Sunday afternoon. All good things in moderation right? Skol Vikes!

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