Valentine's Day is coming up and you'll probably be enjoying a glass or two with your sweetie. Have you ever wondered how much wine costs in Minnesota as compared to other states?

The site House Method looked at the average cost of a 750ml bottle of wine by state. They looked at prices from big retailers from up to 10 zip codes in every state. The high end cost was $15.51 and the lowest was $10.97.

Minnesota wasn't the cheapest, but we still compared well. The average overall cost of a bottle of wine in Minnesota was $12.32.

If you're just looking at white wines, in Minnesota it's $10.9--while the average cost of red wine was a bit higher, $14.99. If you're a fan of rose, it'll run you about $10.99 in Minnesota.

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So, which state had the most expensive wine? It was Mississippi, where the average cost was $15.51. That's over $3 more than in Minnesota.

The cheapest state was Massachusetts. Wine goes for about $10.97 a bottle there. It's maybe worth a road trip to stock up?

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