I'm not saying that kitchen gadgets aren't a lot of fun to get as gifts, but how many of your kitchen gadgets are used for a couple of months and then find their way to the back corner of a cupboard never to be seen again, or end up on the summers garage sale table?

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I've got a few gadgets that really do get used a lot. One of the best gifts I ever received was my Ninja Blender. I think I've had it since 2014 and I use it just about every day, making shakes every morning, chopping vegetables for soups, and making zucchini bread in the summer. That thing is amazing.


Other gadgets that get used enough to keep them include:

  • My Star Wars Toaster
  • My Star Wars Waffle Maker
  • My Yeti Air Fryer
  • My Coffee Pot

My son Tanner loves those little round PB & J sandwiches you buy in the freezer section of the grocery store. My  Mom gave me the gadget featured in the picture above, so I could make my own. The problem is, I saw how much food and time we were wasting making these silly little round sandwiches, so not it's sitting quietly in the back of my kitchen drawer.

Now there are a few other gadgets that just won't last at my house. There would be no need for me to have an Instapot because I like my crockpot. So many times I think I'm going to make some delicious over-easy eggs, and I have this strange little gadget that makes perfect ham, egg, and cheese English muffins...but it's one at a time... pain in the rear to fool with, little gadget. Sure...the muffins are perfectly round, but I can make a whole pan full of delicious food for the family in less time than it would take to make one at a time and then have to clean that sucker afterward. No thanks.

I get it if you are a single person. Maybe you have tons of space for all the coolest gadgets out there, but honestly, there's nothing like some of the basics for me. If you need a gadget and I get one for Christmas, you can have mine.

What are your most useless kitchen gadgets?


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