I had band practice last night after work at my bandmate's house in Clear Lake, Minnesota. I arrived a little bit early, and was just getting my keyboard and equipment out of the car and bringing it into the garage when this cute little chipmunk just about ran right up to me!

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I said, "Look at this little guy! He almost ran right up to me!"   Charlie said, "Yeah...That's Chippy. He crawls right up in my lap."  I thought he was joking. Just watch this video of Chippy. He really does crawl up in Charlie's lap, and apparently, anyone that Charlie is friends with, like his Granddaughter.

Photo by Charlie Erickson
Photo by Charlie Erickson


I asked Charlie how in the world did he get this little chipmunk to climb up in his lap? Obviously, it takes someone with patience, and it probably helps that Charlie lives in a very peaceful, rural area, without a lot of traffic and noise (unless we are playing music in his garage). Charlie said that he started putting food out a ways from where he sits in his garage. He started moving the bowl closer and closer and one day moved the bowl right up in his lap, and the cute little thing actually climbed up in his lap and has been doing it ever since.

Photo by Charlie Erickson
Photo by Charlie Erickson


I asked him if Chippy ever bit him or anything and he said no. He can pet Chippy and everything. It was the most adorable thing I think I've ever seen. Maybe I'm crazy, but I have been trying to tame the squirrels that are in my yard, by feeding them peanuts on my steps, but I realized that they were just as big as my little dog Gloria, and maybe it wasn't such a good idea. Now after seeing this, I think maybe it IS possible.


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