THESE guys would walk far! (Getty Images for DDA)

I couldn't find a non-copyrighted picture of the guy, so bear with me. Like usual!

How far would you walk if your wife needed something? Ice cream? A hammer?

How about a kidney?

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THIS guy would walk HARD! (Getty Images)

Meet Wayne Winters. Wayne is a 74-year-young feller from Farr West, Utah. Wayne's wife, Deanne, was on dialysis for two years and was getting more and more desperate for a kidney transplant.

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And when they haver...whatever the heck that means... (Getty Images)

The wait lists for organ donations are excruciatingly long. After waiting for two years, Wayne stopped waiting. He made a sandwich board sign and walked around begging for someone to donate a kidney for his wife. Every. Day.

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Did he walk...500 Miles? Asking for a friend (Getty Images)

Desperate times call for desperate measures, right?

I included the goofy pictures because this story has a HAPPY ENDING! Maybe 'ending' isn't the right word, though. A happy twist?

The happy twist of this story is that Wayne's efforts worked! After the local news caught wind of his efforts he found a donor!

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The transplant in early November was a success!

But Wayne isn't going to sit on his laurels after all of that walking! He'll keep walking to find more people to be kidney donors, calling it, "...a kidney revolution."

Keep walking, Wayne!

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And remember: Walk Hard! (Getty Images)

H/T: Fox 13

Below is a video of the story by Fox 13!

Still here? Yay! If you were trying to figure out who the duo in the pics above is, it's The Proclaimers!

And the solo feller? Of course: John C. Reilly as Dewey Cox!

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