If you were singled up in 2020, you know that looking for your perfect match looked a lot different this year. Dating happened from January to March. But after that, I can tell you; everything slowed down. The question of: What do we do and Where do we go to get to know each other, were questions that everyone was asking.

Dating for me in 2020 WAS different. There were no concerts to go to. We couldn't go out to a movie. We couldn't go out for dinner to talk. Dating in 2020 was truly getting to know the person you were interested in, and either making it work, or letting it go.

When you date in a pandemic, Netflix binging, or watching movies at your house or their house, became a big thing. It was either super uncomfortable and didn't last long, or you set up another binging date. A lot of time was spend outdoors; going for walks, taking the dog for a walk, going fishing and backyard campfires.

All in all, for me, it has been a great year. I've had more time to get to know someone special, and it's been fun to find lots of things to do; like creating new recipes in the kitchen together, and enjoying summer campfires, and just getting back to conversations.

Dating.com has released it's resolutions for singles and couples for the new year.

Recommendations for Singles:


If you are going to pursue online dating, take your time, meet people....don't freak out. It's all about meeting people. Whether you meet someone new and it lasts an hour, or you meet someone new and they become a friend, or you meet someone new and they become your significant other, enjoy the experience. Open yourself to learning new things about people, be kind, and honest.


Sometimes we start dating WAY before we are ready. I know all about it. Know who you are. Don't look for someone else to complete you. YOU are complete without another person. When you are happy and satisfied with who you are, others will be able to get to know the real you. If it works out or not, your life doesn't depend on it. You are great just the way you are.


I already know what I'm comfortable doing. Why not listen to what others are doing and try something different? Life is all about new experiences. Reach outside your comfort zone and be open to trying new things.

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Recommendations for couples:


Couples who live together sometimes think that there is no need to go on a date, as they live together. Actually, making some special time together, like you had when you first met, can be refreshing; and we all need a little refreshment every now and then.


That being said, some couples feel like they have to do EVERYTHING together. Not so. Make time to do the solo things you like; read a book; write a song; paint something. Then, when you get back together again, you have something to talk about.


Are you mad? Stop holding it all in. The other person may have said or done something to upset you and not even know it! They might have thought they were being funny, and you took it seriously. Communication is key. Kindness is key. Really listen and see where the other person is coming from.


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