You may have recently heard that Uber has finally come to St. Cloud. You have to ask the question about 'why' it took so long to get here. Was it because St. Cloud is dangerous?

The driving service has been around the Twin Cities for a while now, but it seemed to take a long time (in cyber years) for Uber to make a presence in St. Cloud. I'm sure there's a lot that goes into offering service in a new area, but it just seemed odd that it took THIS long.

Here's my personal opinion about Uber...

It's a great thought, and seems to be making mega-millions for the company, but is the money you make to be your own taxi service worth what you personally make? I'd be a little leary about picking up a hitch hiker that had a smart phone, which is essentially the same scenario.


One of the most dangerous jobs in the world is a taxi cab driver, and Uber is pretty much a fancy version of that.

I worry about the drivers of Uber in St. Cloud. Sure, the company really has some strict requirements of people that can use the service, and even though a passenger may have a clean Uber record, it doesn't mean at some point they won't do something dangerous that causes harm to the driver.

Think about it. You're driving and have complete strangers in your car. You are completely vulnerable. Uber drivers have had guns and knives pulled on them. They've been assaulted by passengers, verbally and physically...there's no way I'd ever want to see anybody I know become an Uber driver.

After thinking about all this, and you still want to drive for Uber in St. Cloud, here's a link to get signed up. I can't stop you, and maybe you'll prove my opinion wrong.

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