What the heck is this wiggling thing that was found along the shore at Lake Mille Lacs? It honestly looks like something that isn't from this world!

The video, which I found on the Mille Lacs Lake Facebook page, was taken by Kari Feldewerd and was shared with her permission. She posted it to the group, wanting to know what the heck she was looking at!

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Her post on the page received more than 160 comments as to what the wiggling black worm-looking thing was, and it seems there was some consensus among the commenters. The wiggling, robotic-looking worm seems to be a horsehair worm.

The worm enters into grasshoppers and crickets and then controls the host in order "to seek water, causing the host to drown itself to complete its lifecycle."

These worms are fairly commonplace in the US, and according to the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services:

There are approximately 240 species within the Phylum Nematomorpha, with approximately 12 known species in the United States. Only one species is known to live in salt water, while all others are considered fresh water species.


So what Kari found near Lake Mille Lacs seemed to be a horsehair worm that was either getting ready to complete its lifecycle or didn't quite make it where it was going.

But seriously how freaky does this thing move?

You can learn more about horsehair worms by heading here, or here.

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