Life has dramatically changed for many people across the world due to COVID-19, including students in our own Minnesota school system.

Students moved to a distance learning model back in March that lasted the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. With the 2020-2021 school year right around the corner, the Holdingford Public School District is busy considering all of the options.

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They asked for public input earlier this week so residents and parents of students could get their voices heard.

In a Facebook post on the Holdingford Public Schools page they wrote, "Holdingford School wants to make a couple items more clear."

They went on to further explain, "First, the school district, staff, students, and families would like nothing more than to be back in the building and having school as usual. Second, the Department of Education has asked school districts to begin planning for 3 different scenarios." 

So, what's being considered on the table? Glad you asked! The three scenarios are as follows.

  • Students will return to the building and follow CDC and MDH guidelines.
  • Students will come back to the building and follow a "hybrid" model following CDC and MDH guidelines
  • Students will not come back to the building, but rather continue the distance learning method.

School districts across the state are being asked to devise several plans for what the upcoming school year could look like due to several unknowns.

Holdingford Public Schools wrote, "At this point, there is no indication it will be solely a local control choice...the district would be expected to follow the guidance from the Department of Education and begin using the plans for the state chosen scenario."

Several online commenters weighed in, including Michael Lynch who wrote, "it would be great [if] each district could do their own plan. I think [our] superintendent, principals and school board would make decisions that are best for OUR children."

Katie Breth commented, "Thank you for the post. I appreciate the transparency and openness. I understand that you are required to follow rules set in place."

Theresa Irene brought up the issue of students wearing face masks all day, "If children are expected to wear masks at school - will there be plans or the option for distant learning? I don’t want my children wearing a mask 7 hours a day 5 days a week. It is not healthy."

Check out the post and weigh in by commenting below. What type of learning model do you think school districts should adopt for the upcoming school year?

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