Finding a career goal that meets your needs financially and emotionally is something I hope everyone strives for. Living your best life...everyday...whether that's at play..or at home. When you do something you really enjoy, life becomes much more enjoyable; and YOU deserve to be happy.

Maybe you have NO idea what career path you want to take. Maybe you are right out of high school and have no immediate thoughts of your future. Maybe you've been out of school for awhile now, and are on your way into your 30's's time for me to decide what I really want to do.

If you are looking for some ideas, I've got a great list that doesn't mean you have to spend 8 years in college. A few years studying in the right place right here at home, can land you a job that will meet the requirements that YOU set fourth for your life.

Here are some great ideas!


Maybe you're that person that can't stand to be in one place for too long. Maybe you want a good mix of being indoor and outdoors. Land Surveying can provide you with that opportunity! Plus...the salaries are pretty darn good. Salary can range anywhere from approximately $30-$90,000 per year. In 2017, St. Cloud Technical & Community College had a 100% placement! Think about that. You could start your career by getting the right education with a degree or diploma in a fairly short amount of time. Click HERE for more information.



A couple of years ago, I didn't even know such a program existed, until my son Tanner and I were touring a local manufacturing company, and talked to someone who was working in Mechanical Design.

If you are artistic, and like to create and draw graphics with computers in 2D and 3D, a career in Mechanical Design could be just for you! Something you've never thought of! You could get a 2 year degree, and then decide if you want to continue in Engineering for two more years, or go right to work.  Our Minnesota State Colleges, Technical Colleges and Universities have the programs that can get you where you want to be.  The average hourly pay in Minnesota is $26 per hour; That's around $50,000 per year. Not bad for being able to use your creative skills and computer skills all at the same time.  Click HERE for more information.


My other son mason, loves math. He also is a problem solver. He's looking at a two year degree right now with SCTCC, with the ability to make an average of $39 per hour once he gets out of college.

Jobs available in banking, consumer lending, risk management and more are all available to people who love to work with numbers. Click HERE to learn more.


I always think that when we get out of school, we have no idea what we can really do; we are young; our lives are just beginning. No matter how good you did in high school; if you were a straight A student or a D student, college IS different! College is what you make of it! I just want everyone to know that you as an individual DESERVE to have the best life...and YOU CAN make it happen. As a matter of fact; you have to take ownership of your life now. Any decisions you make can and will affect you for the rest of your life. OWN your actions. Write down a list of the things that truly interest you, and then look HERE to see if you can find a match. Good Luck!

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