How many Millennials are actually able to live on their own? Do they want to live on their own? 70 percent of Millennials say that they can't afford a home, and according to experts, wages after inflation have barely budged in the past 44 years. This means they can't afford an apartment either, because last time I checked, a house payment was a little cheaper than trying to find an apartment around St. Cloud.

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The thing is, I don't want my kids to feel bad about it. I think they are being smart living at home. Saving money, paying off their debts? To me, that is helping them get ahead.

My sons range from 20 up to 28. My kids SAY that they'd like to live on their own, but I sort of like our living arrangement. I feel safer having three adult men in my house. They help pay the bills. They usually mow the yard and take care of snow-blowing duties. My kids are all pretty quiet, so unless it's a weekend, it's pretty peaceful at my house. We all get along with each other, and I can't really think of three better roommates than them.

52 percent of millennials lived with their parents due to the pandemic, according to a study that was done by the Pew Research Center. The number of adults living with their parents has surpassed records set during the Great Depression.

Looking into the future, parents and their children are starting to look for multi-generational homes. As parents enter their retirement years and their children are thinking about raising their new families, what arrangement could be better? Built-in Babysitter Grandparents on one side of the house can't be all that bad? Aging parents may need a little more help as well, and if families can live together in peace and harmony, I think this may be the way of the future.


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