Minnesota's 10 electoral votes went to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the democratic nominees, in the United States presidential election. But, how did the votes break down in our local tri-county area? It's always interesting to know what the voters had to say in your specific area. Here's what local voters in Stearns, Sherburne and Benton Counties had to say.

For Benton County, there were 126,270 registered voters. The total ballot count was 102,205. According to voting results, republican party nominee Donald Trump and Mike Pence received 58.79% of the vote (59,681 votes) topping Joe Biden and Kamala Harris who had  37.39% (37,953 votes).

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For Stearns County, according to the official election results, there were 93,391 registered voters. Donald Trump and Mike Pence received 60.06% of the vote (50,959 votes) and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris received 37.58% of the vote (31,881).

According to Minnesota's official election results, Sherburne County had 60,410 registered voters. The majority voted in favor of Donald Trump and Michael Pence with 65.13% of the vote (36,221). Joe Biden and Kamala Harris received 32.48% of the vote (18,065 votes).

According to WJON, Sherburne County election officials have recently received questions about election accuracy. They released a statement saying their tests show the correct vote count.

You can check out more voting breakdowns and see what else the tri-county area voters had to say by going to the Office of The Minnesota Secretary of State website. You just need to select the county in which you're interested.

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