Trader Joe's. A grocery chain known for employees in Hawaiian shirts, and to-die-for products you won't find anywhere else. They have locations in 9 different Minnesota cities, the closest to St. Cloud being Maple Grove. But even then, it takes and hour and 4 minutes to get to that location with no traffic.

I say St. Cloud is a deserving location for a Trader Joe's. The town already serves as a popular shopping destination hub for Central Minnesota, so why not offer a new and unique grocery option. Turn's out we can help bring one here!


We can request the company to open a store in our area! Just a few questions need to be answered, name, town, email, and there is even a comment section! In that portion, I wrote:

The nearest TJ's location to the St. Cloud Area is Maple Grove, and it takes over an hour to get there without traffic. I think this Central Minnesota shopping hub city would make an excellent location for a Trader Joe's!

Feel free to copy and paste that when you fill out the form yourself!

What other business would you like to see in the St. Cloud Area? Let us know in the comments below!

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