As a parent, I want my son to choose a career path that will make him happy and provide a living for himself. I've owned businesses since my ealy 20's and fully support him wanting to make his own money, but this career choice is really concerning to me!


If you take a look at the video above, this is exactly what he wants to do for a living - play Playstation games and broadcasting them on YouTube with commentary. I guess it could be a dream come true for a kid making their own money, but I'm not sure if it's practical for a full-time living.

He explained how it works to become rich...

- Get the little gadget that records what you're playing (on Xbox or Playstation) onto your computer, including what you and your friends are saying.
- Edit the video down and upload it to YouTube.
- Get lots of subscribers to your YouTube channel.
- Make sure you have banner ads and ad pre-rolls on your videos.
- Make lots of $$$.

In the case of the owner of the video channel above, "Typical Gamer" has nearly 5 million subscribers and multiple ads on his videos. Each time the video is viewed (in this case over 240,000 times) you get paid for each ad that is viewed. Yep, this guy is making a gazillion every video he uploads.

In my opinion, this is a TON of hard work and you've got to be extremely entertaining while people watch you playing a video game. I commend him for wanting to do this, but I'm thinking he has no idea how tough this is to make a living doing.

I'm hoping you can give me your opinion on supporting him on this, or if i should really try hard to deter him from pursuing this as a career. Life as a parent can be crazy!!

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