I've got a two-year-old at home and I think he might be ready for potting training. We're in quarantine and I figure this might be the best time to do it. But, I'm SCARED.

I know it's going to be a struggle, because everything with this guy has been a struggle. He's stubborn like his parents and I know he's not going to enjoy the process.

I've been reading up on different methods and best practices for getting it done. There are so many different ways to potty train your child. Some people online have suggest not putting a diaper on them at all and letting them run around naked until they learn to use the toilet. I don't think this is right for me.

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Others have suggested making sticker charts and rewarding them with stickers every time they pee. Maybe this will work down the line once he's comfortable with the idea but I don't think it will be enough of a motivator right away.

I've read some parents give their children M&M's every time they make a poop or pee on the potty. This could work because he likes treats but he already isn't a great eater and I really try to avoid giving him junk throughout the day.

I am in some serious need of advice here. What kind of potty chair did you use? What method worked best for you? Did you have a specific type of pull up you really liked? How long did it take your little one to become potty trained?

I'd love your advice, thanks in advance!

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