I'm in a weight loss challenge and the Super Bowl is this weekend. I'm not a huge fan of football, but I'm a huge fan of the snacks! I was in a similar challenge three years ago that also landed during the Super Bowl. I learned a few tricks on how to snack and still stay healthy. Dieting doesn't mean depriving yourself. Try some of these recipes. You might just find something you love!

  • Low calorie popcorn instead of regular popcorn (my favorite is Angie's 45 calorie real butter popcorn)
  • Baked zuccini chips instead of regular chips
  • Sweet potato fries instead of deep fried french fries
  • Protein balls instead of cookies
  • Healthy banana protein muffins instead of cake or brownies
  • Taco salad bowls instead of nachos or tacos
  • Baked chicken wings with low calories seasoning or sauce

My Super Bowl spread this year is going to include slow cooker pulled chicken on top of Ezekiel bread, sweet potato fries, lightly seasoned baked chicken wings, low calorie popcorn, healthy Minnesota sushi and turkey meatballs.

You can make it through the big game without breaking your diet, and you can even enjoy it! Let's be healthy together!