While we've all been cooped up and staying home due to the coronavirus outbreak, have you been doing the Most Popular Hobby in Minnesota?

It makes sense that interest in hobbies and really peaked during the ongoing battle with the coronavirus-- especially during our Stay At Home order earlier this spring. With many people home from work or working from home (and occasionally wrangling their kids), many of us have turned to hobbies to pass the time. Things like board games, card games, and gardening have all become popular again.

But have you taken part in the Most Popular Quarantine Hobby here in Minnesota? Well, if you decided to try to get into the great outdoors and get a little more healthy, then congratulations, you're one of the apparently many Minnesotans who've made working out one of the most popular things to do while we've been stuck at home.

At least, that's what this new Go.Frontier survey says, anyway. They looked at the most-Googled hobbies in every state and compiled a new list that tracks what we were interested in doing while we were all staying home.

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And, yeah, here in Minnesota, 'Home Workouts' took the top spot. Hmmm. Is that accurate? Come to think of it, I recently started taking our dog, Asher, for a jog (instead of the usual walk) around the Cascade Lake Trail Loop in Rochester. I don't think I Googled it, though, so I don't think that counts. (Although last week, we did buy a rowing machine online to use at home, so maybe we DID help Home Workouts be number-one here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.)

Across the country, though, Home Workouts is only ranked as the second Most Googled Quarantine Hobby-- Watching TV Series and Films came in as the most popular. Which I can totally see-- we've been binge-watching a LOT of great series we never seem to find time to watch before. (By the way, keep scrolling below to see just how LONG it'll take you to binge-watch 50 of the most popular shows and series out there...)

Playing video games, doing DIY projects, and reading rounded out the Go.Frontier survey of Most-Googled Quarantine Hobbies. Which hobbies have YOU taken part in while we've been stuck at home?

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