If you've ever wanted to have an exciting job, being a State Trooper is near the top. It may be easier than you think to apply, but what you have to go through looks crazy difficult!

I know a couple State Troopers and they are both very fit and are admirable personalities. I've never thought to ask them what made them decide they wanted to pursue that line of work, and what it took to become a trooper. This video shows you exactly what to expect.

All troopers go through the academy, which looks to be straight out of military boot camp, with drill sergeants and all. It's not for everybody, but the best survive and get to the next level of being closer to becoming a Minnesota State Patrol officer.

I used to think that troopers have a cushy job, just driving around all day and bothering people. Having trooper friends, and hearing what each day can bring them, the level of respect for the job they do is high for me.

Thank you to all the Minnesota officers who put their lives on the line every day to make sure we enjoy the things we love to do here. Next time you see one of our officers, be sure to thank them for their service in Minnesota. Believe it or not, they're here for our safety, and are regular people just like you and I.

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