This is something out of an episode of "The Sopranos". I’ve been mad, but never so mad where I have dumped two tons of garbage on someone’s lawn, but that’s exactly what happened in Red Wing. 

Following the bad customer service call from Comcast that was making the rounds this week, I think we may have a new winner for “Worst Way to Handle an Issue”.

The new crown goes to Paul’s Industrial Garage in Red Wing.

An unpaid bill dispute resulted in the dumping of what the city called, “almost two tons of wet, putrescible waste” in a customer’s driveway. The garage claims the customer rented a roll off garbage dumpster for six weeks, filled it with household garbage and then didn’t pay up.

The city’s public works chief said, ”This is, in my opinion, a completely unacceptable public health issue that was done intentionally with complete disregard for public health, welfare, and safety of the public.”

Paul’s Industrial Garage has been fined $1800 by the City of Red Wing over the incident.