It's the most...wonderful...time...oftheyear... (Getty Images)

I'm not one to wake up extra early to go shopping with hundreds of frantic deal-seekers. I like deals as much as the next guy, but early mornings with a crowd of people probably not used to waking up as early as I do?

No thanks.

If you still want to shop in a brick-and-mortar store - minus the crowds - you'll want to shop when the 12 Days of Christmas kick off.

That's December 13th. But why?

It's in the middle of the month, not too early and not too late, and just before the 15th (a common pay day) but not too close to the 1st (another common pay day).

If you want to get your shopping done earlier, December 5th seems to be a close second.

Or just shop online like all the kids do nowadays.

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Sell some stuff while you're there! (Getty Images)

Just remember to support small businesses, too!


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