Protecting your personal information is more important now than it ever has been. That’s because hackers are working harder than ever to steal your information and have you pay for their adventures.  

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That makes the trustworthiness of the websites we purchase things through vital, and they should do everything they can do to protect you.  

But it has happened again. A company that millions of people use practically daily has been compromised. I’m talking about Ticketmaster.  

Last Friday the ticket outlet’s parent company, Live Nation, reported that they had detected unauthorized activity of the information they collect from their customers. 

To make matters worse, an article from AARP says that the data that was stolen was on the dark web for sale to the highest bidder. A hacker group who calls themselves “Shiny Hunters” claimed responsibility for the breach.  

This hacker group is rumored to be linked to other hacks against larger companies. Live Nation and Ticketmaster say that roughly 560 million customers are now compromised.  

So, What Should You Do? 

If you want to try and protect yourself from vulnerability, here’s what you are suggested to do. 

First, strengthen your password. It needs to be easy enough to remember but hard enough for someone else to figure out. Using capital letters, numbers and symbols are the suggested way to create hurdles for hackers.  

Secondly, two step authentication is becoming a popular way to protect yourself. What this means is that you are notified each time someone, including you, tries to log into your account. You will have to enter your password to prove that it’s you trying to get in. 

The next steps require you to keep an eye on your bank account, live nation account and your credit report. You keeping an eye on your accounts and making sure that no one is using you to open accounts is an important step in protecting you. 

If you do not need credit right now, you can freeze your credit report which makes it harder for others to open accounts in your name.  


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