Ever heard of "double-dipping"? Seinfeld had an infamous bit about double-dipping chips.

Double-dipping also refers to collecting double benefits from an income source. It's a total douche move, and it turns out that the biggest seller of concert tickets in the world is double-dipping.


Canadian journalists went undercover as ticket scalpers at an entertainment convention this past summer, and allege that none other than Ticketmaster tried to involve them in a scheme that makes me never want to deal with Ticketmaster ever again.

The scheme? Ticketmaster supplies "bots" to ticket scalpers, who scoop up as many tickets as they want on Ticketmaster's website and then resell them for a very inflated price on a website called Trade Desk. The kicker? Trade Desk is owned by Ticketmaster.

Double-dipping Ticketmaster then makes money off the same tickets TWICE.

The ticket giant released the following pointless statement in regards to the allegations:

"As the world's leading ticketing platform, representing thousands of teams, artists and venues, we believe it is our job to offer a marketplace that provides a safe and fair place for fans to shop, buy and sell tickets in both the primary and secondary markets."


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