One year ago today Haiti was devastated by a deadly earthquake and the fight for survival is still a daily struggle for the Haitian people.

I know that once these big news stories are no longer at the top of the list on our internet browsers and the constant flow of pictures, videos, and news updates have diminished from our televisions it is easy to forget what is still devastating this country every single day.

It has already been a whole year and Haiti is still much worse than it was before the quake, even then it was one of the poorest countries in the world. Unicef and The American Red Cross are working diligently everyday but it's a long hard struggle and they need more help.

Yes, it's hard to watch and even more difficult to imagine, but unlike us, these people can't close their laptops or turn off their televisions and forget about it. It's their life, everyday.

If you would like to help both Unicef and the American Red Cross have information on their websites on how you can do so.