You've heard all the arguments on why or why not cannabis should be made legal on a federal level. Gateway drug, stoned drivers, and a multitude of other things they are throwing around. Don't be fooled. It's all about the money, plain and simple. So, who is holding up the legalization?

First of all the The National Beer Wholesalers Association along with The Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America. This industry is already taking a hit from craft beers and distilleries.

Law enforcement is another against legalization. You'd think not having to chase around pot smokers would be a big relief but police agencies receive some pretty hefty funds from the government to police pot crimes.

The prison industry, which is a big employer in rural areas of this country. Private prisons are the worst culprit, lobbying for longer sentences for petty pot crimes. The more jail cells they fill, the more money they make.

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Of course, the most obvious would be Big Pharma. The last thing they need is for people to replace their anti depressants with something they can grow in their backyard. Cannabis has been proven to help people with a wide variety of ailments with little or no side affects. I'd be worried too if I were them.

Marijuana prohibition is a 20 billion dollar federal jobs budget. In 2015 the DEA seized 27 billion dollars in assets with it's cannabis enforcement program. The War on Drugs is not working and they don't want to see their budgets cut or downsized.

The American people have had enough with the failed War on Drugs and prohibition. Lie a lot of other things, it's not about right or wrong. It's about the money.

(Source: Foundation for Economic Education)

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