If 'Bootleg' is Minnesota's most iconic drink, you think I would have at the very least -- heard of it. Nope. (BTW, they say it's whiskey on the rocks with a spash of water.)

While I enjoy whiskey on the rocks (with a spash of water) from time to time, it has never had a name -- nor does it need one.

Names are reserved for things like Bloody Marys, Sex on the Beach, and Irish Car Bombs. Things with ingredients for crying out loud.

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I guess it comes as no surprise that the article also goes on to explain that Minnesota's 'Bootleg' is America's least favorite iconic cocktail from each state. I mean, how are we supposed to compete with Alabama's Yellow Hammer, or Arizona's Prickly Pear Margarita?

I feel like there was a meeting where the article writers showed up with the list of iconic drinks from each state, and the dude in charge of the 'M' states forgot Minnesota, but being a 'quick thinker' in a burst of CYA (cover your ass) wrote down, whiskey on ice...oh, and a little water.

Besides, we all know the Mich Golden Light is the state drink! 🍺😍

You can see the results from all fifty states at HangoverCure.com.



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