My parents will be so happy when I tell them that the scammers who keep calling them pretending to be their Grandchildren have been arrested in Eden Prairie.

My parents have been getting calls for years from a person claiming to be their grandchild. My Mom says it's amazing how much they sound like one of her grandchildren, which is why she can see why people fall for these scams.

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Grandparents everywhere get a call from a person that sounds like their grandchild, and of course, it's an emergency.  The caller claims that they need help financially and asks the Grandparent to not tell their parents, or they'll be in big trouble.

Finally, two suspects in the Grandparent Scam have been arrested in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.


According to the Eden Prairie Local News website, Hastings police officers responded to a report of a resident who was scammed out of approximately $18,000 through a scam like this. The same elderly victim sent an additional $25,000 in cash from a UPS store. The good news is, police were able to get the $25,000 before it made it to the scammers, and were able to return the funds to the owner.

It can be hard to distinguish whether someone is really a relative or not, but you should always keep in mind that you should never give out your personal information over the phone, or through emails, without verifying the information with a trusted loved one. That means telling the caller you need their information before you send the money. If they refuse to give it to you or start to pressure you, or they DO give you information, then you have the right to verify that information.  Honestly, how often do your Grandchildren call and ask for money? I don't think my kids have ever done that to their grandparents?  Just remember, the person on the other end of the phone might sound like someone you know, but it's best to verify before you make any quick decisions.



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