The Grand Rapids, MN Police Department got a call recently that might be more fitting for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, but it wasn't anything they couldn't handle.

On September 1st, the department received a call regarding a deer that had gotten itself stuck in a backyard hammock. The young buck had gotten its antlers caught in the weaves of the chair, and was going to need assistance to get out of it.

Dash camera footage of the police officers on the scene shows the deer wildly thrashing about as the officers approach it. Officers put a blanket over the deer, and carefully hold it down, and end up cutting the ropes of the hammock in order to free the deer's antlers.

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The deer gets free, only to jump up and look like he might just get tangled once again, but escapes from the hammock and sprints off past the squad car.

It seemed to be unharmed, but the hammock itself didn't look salvageable.

The dash camera video was put on Facebook with the caption "Oh deer...". The video has amassed almost half a million views. Check out the short video for yourself below.

Thank you officers for your commitment to protect and serve not only the humans in your community but also the animals that might need assistance from time to time.

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