The 70th Annual Minnesota's Governor's Fishing Opener is just a few months away, and, for the first time ever, the St. Cloud metro area is hosting the event.

Committee member John Libert says it will be unlike any other fishing opener that's been done before.

We're going to try some kayak and canoe fishing, which has never been done before.  We're going to do some fishing below the dam, above the dam, and above the Sartell dam.  We're going to have jet boats, regular boats, and pontoon boats.  And, another thing that's never been done before, we're going to have shoreline fishing.

Libert says 550 to 600 members of the media, VIPs, and politicians will be in town that weekend, providing about 4-5 millions worth of free press and marketing for the St. Cloud metro area.

Part of the requirements for hosting the fishing opener is to hold a community picnic. Convention And Visitors Bureau Executive Director Julie Lunning says they're anticipating as many as 10,000 people to show up for that one event. They also plan to highlight other amenities the St. Cloud metro area has while the media is in town.

This year's Governor's Fishing opener starts on Thursday, May 11th and runs through Saturday, May 13th.