ST. CLOUD -- Central Minnesota Continuum of Care has effectively ended veterans' homelessness.

Governor Tim Walz issued a proclamation applauding the accomplishment at an event in St. Cloud on Tuesday.

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He says Minnesota is on track to become the fourth state to end veterans' homelessness.

Every veteran who we lose weakens who we are. It weakens our commitment. Every veteran that gets pulled off the streets, saved, and put back into where they need to be in the work that all of you have done strengthens all of us. So, this is a day for this community. This takes massive amounts of coordination.

There are still 278 homeless veterans in Minnesota but none of them are on a waiting list for care in the 13 county Central Minnesota area.

Hope is a powerful word, it is not a plan. This takes hard work. This takes planning. This takes logistics, and this takes a commitment that extends beyond just some words of support to some actions of support.


Central Minnesota Continuum of Care aims to make homelessness among veterans rare enough that if a veteran becomes homeless, they can respond quickly enough to provide them housing within 90 days.

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