The Gopher Marching Band sang and played for my husband and I on our way to the Vikings game last week.

I was supposed to be at an Alan Jackson concert the night before, but the show got cancelled due to the blizzard warning and dangerous traveling conditions. Since I had already booked a hotel room and it was too late to cancel, Dave and I decided to find something else to do in the cities. We turned our misfortune into a fun adventure by deciding to check out the new Vikings stadium.

Ashli Gerdes
Ashli Gerdes

Since our hotel was close to U.S. Bank Stadium, we took the train to the game. Our train picked up a bunch of Gopher Marching Band members from the U of M who were all scheduled to give a halftime performance at the Vikings game.

They were dressed in their uniforms with their instruments in hand. Some of them started talking to us and found out that we had just been married two days before. So, they all decided to start singing for us and playing their instruments. It was actually a pretty neat and totally unexpected experience!

They sang their school song, a few songs I didn't know and they tried to sing some Britney Spears songs for me because I'm a huge fan. Their performances may have been just as entertaining if not more entertaining than the Alan Jackson concert we missed!