A former NFL player, who also happens to be a University of Minnesota graduate, took to social media this weekend to air his grievance with today's NFL and how it handles games and weather. The Albino Rhino Karl Mecklenburg even invoked Bud Grant while publicly asking why the game was even moved to Monday.

The Bills/Steelers game is postponed until Monday due to weather conditions. What is this baseball? I remember playing a regular season game in KC when it was 30 below ambient temp and 40 below windchill. That was just another day at Metropolitan Stadium, the old outdoor Vikings stadium. Bud Grant would have been wearing short sleeves.

I don't usually use Facebook to rant but I just signed up for Peacock so I can watch the playoff game tonight between KC and Miami. It's going to be cold there too but apparently, Peacock doesn't care. NFL it's one thing to exclusively show some preseason games on these internet sites but a playoff game? That's just not right.

Mecklenburg didn't hold back, stating that he played in colder temps during his NFL career, and even went too far as to mention those games played at The Met back in the '60s and '70s where Bud Grant was known to play mental games with opponents by wearing short sleeves on some of the most brutally cold days, heck Bud even appeared in a home playoff game at TCF Bank against Seattle wearing just a polo shirt and baseball cap.

I agree with Karl on that, I don't understand why they decided to offer a playoff game on a streaming-only service, but I'm sure it has something to do with the almighty dollar.

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How do you think the NFL did with the games that did happen this weekend? Should they have moved the Dolphins and Chiefs game to Monday too due to the extreme cold?

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