There has been a photo circulating Facebook this week, seeming to show a dried-up Gooseberry Falls in Two Harbors near Duluth. The photo has garnered almost 700 shares across the social media platform:

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The way this photo is taken makes it look like there isn't a drop of water left at the popular state park.

In a group I'm part of on Facebook called Minnesota Naturalists, photographer and group member Ron Benson shared an alternate angle to the falls, pictured above.

There is a set of photos going around on Facebook showing a 'dried up Gooseberry Falls.' Those photos appear to have been taken below and off to the side of the main falls. I now share with you a photo that I just took of the main falls. As you can see, there is water flowing. Not a lot of water but some. We are in a drought for sure but the Gooseberry River has not dried up. Thought you should know. 7-20-21.

While the water flow is significantly lower than normal, it is in fact still flowing down the falls.

The Duluth area usually sees about 3.85 inches of rain in July, the National Weather Service is reporting only 0.29 of rain has fallen in the area as of 7/21/2021. Dangerously below where it needs to be, and unfortunately a lot of Minnesota is in the same boat.

Keep your fingers crossed for rain, we desperately need it.

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