The classic burrito has been re-imagined many times, in many different ways. On the very basic level, a regular burrito was re-imagined as a breakfast burrito.  Then there's San Diego's "California Burrito" that skips the beans and uses french fries instead.  So what else could you possibly do with a burrito?

Well there is a famous burrito from Burrito Union in Duluth that sounds amazing.  The only question is why isn't anyone making it here in St. Cloud?  Or anywhere in Central Minnesota that's closer than Duluth?

The good news is that you have a week to plan your trip to Duluth!

It's official- We are ONE WEEK away from our famous #ThanksgivingBurrito! People travel far and wide for this one. This best-seller comes every year, only for the month of November, with roasted white and dark turkey, sweet corn, stuffing, choice of mashed regular or sweet potatoes, and a side of turkey gravy and cranberry salsa. As always, it will be released the same day as Fitgers Brewhouse annual Gale Force Cranberry Ale for you to pair it with!

Are you kidding me? A Thanksgiving burrito with that Fitgers Brewhouse annual Gale Force Cranberry Ale?  Sounds like perfection!

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Apparently it's no joke that people travel from all over to get this burrito.  One of the commenters said, "My wife and I will be taking our annual 2.5 hour drive up from Greenfield MN to get this magnificent burrito!"  Others say they stop by at the end of the month and get enough to freeze them.

WE NEED THIS IN ST. CLOUD!  Who's with me here?

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