Being a caregiver caring for aging parents has its difficulties beyond the obvious. You may be a caregiver or even know someone that is. My Dad was my Mom’s caregiver for a year, so I know first-hand the stress and challenges that go into it. However, this recent study from Seniorly is focused on Adult children caring for aging parents.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

They found that caregivers are more likely to have chronic health conditions themselves. And some of those caregivers that are between 40 – 59 years old may also be financially supporting their adult children. That also leads to mental stress.

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Being a caregiver takes a big heart and patience and can clearly affect the caregiver’s health.  However, there is good news for Minnesota caregivers. The results of the recent Seniorly study showed that Minnesota caregivers are the #10 Least burned out in the nation. That’s good news all around. But even better is that Minnesota is one of the states that is the least likely to see the burden on caregivers grow.

Are Minnesota caregivers just using the resources provided to them better than other states?  Possibly.  But if you’re a caregiver and struggling, the Seniorly study says it’s helpful to know these tips, as well as the others that the Seniorly study suggests, to avoid caregiver burnout:

  • Set a financial strategy – to avoid financial stress down the line.
  • Seek support – Don’t hesitate to ask for help.
  • Use Resources – Utilize resources tailored for caregivers.
  • Communicate openly: Discuss challenges with family and loved ones.

Read the entire study HERE.

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