My husband LOVES the Minnesota State Fair. He grew up attending the great Minnesota get together every year.

Me on the other hand--I grew up going to the Benton County Fair, which I enjoy so much more. I'm not a huge fan of driving down to the Twin Cities in traffic, struggling to find a parking spot and then hiking through a huge crowd of people for a fried Oreo. It just seems like way too much effort for a very little reward.

But, to each their own.

I've grown to tolerate the Minnesota State Fair for my husband's sake. It's his happy place and I support that. One thing that's helped me like the fair more and more is the Minnesota State Fair Map Guide. It's an app you can download on your phone---and I think it's essential for someone like me to have a good time.

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The first time I went to the state fair, I felt lost in a crowd and had no idea where was up or down. I'd see people enjoying the most delicious looking foods, but I had no idea where they got them from or how to get there. So, I'd settle for something boring like cheese curds and a pronto pup. However, the app was a complete game changer.

It'll show you where your favorite food vendors are located, what they're serving up and give you a route to get there. You don't even need internet for it to work. The app works offline and in airplane mode.

This means, those awesome new food items you see advertised every year will be less or a treasure hunt and more of a delicious feast!

The app is called 'Minnesota State Fair Map Guide' and it's $1.99, well worth it.


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