Toby Keith‘s self-proclaimed “stupidest” song may become his most popular. ‘Red Solo Cup,’ a single from his just-released ‘Clancy’s Tavern‘ album, will be featured next month in an episode of the popular Fox TV hit ‘Glee,’ according to Rolling Stone.

The creator of ‘Glee,’ Ryan Murphy, spilled the news during a Los Angeles press event.

The song may well be the first country hit about plastic ware. Keith sings about the virtues of the red — and only the red — Solo brand cups often used at parties and tailgates. His video quickly went viral, racking up over one million views since it debuted three weeks ago. Celebrities like Carrot Top, Roger Clemens, Ted Nugent, Eric Church and Joe Nichols star in the video.

The video has inspired a bit of controversy beyond its content matter. Fans of the hip-hop artist Carlton Zeus accused Keith of ripping off an earlier song from the artist. Although Keith hasn’t commented, Zeus did a humorous tongue-in-cheek response.

‘Red Solo Cup’ will get the show choir treatment when it’s featured on the Nov. 15 episode. Murphy also revealed that actor Jonathan Groff will be returning this season, and to expect some lavish tributes this spring on the show.

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