My dad was 89 when he passed away in 2015. He was a retired Baptist minister and served in the Army during World War II. He was one of the most consistent men I have ever met, he was the same from one day to the next.  

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One of the ways he was consistent was a big deal to him, he had to shave every day. He didn’t feel presentable if he didn’t. Even if he wasn’t going anywhere, he still wanted to shave. And I am a lot like him in that way. Rarely do I go more than one day without shaving. 

Your Chance to Help

As we draw closer to the holidays, there will be more people and businesses wanting to make an impact on the local community by supporting a worthy cause. “Waxing The City in St. Cloud is no exception and they’re getting a head start on letting you know what they’re doing.  

They are participating in the Greater Twin Cities United Way’s Holiday Hygiene Supply Drive. They are asking for donations of unopened packages of razors.  

Razors, although some can be expensive, are for the most part not considered something that is hard to obtain. But, for some folks, items like this don’t fall high on the priority list compared to the other things they need for day-to-day life.  

Why Your Help is Needed

According to Liz Skree with the Greater Twin Cities United Way every year 50,000 Minnesotans experience homelessness, with a great number of those people being people of color.   

And then when families are making the transition to a home, they can’t afford a lot of the everyday essentials, including razors, and other hygiene items. As well as cleaning supplies, blankets, and kitchen utensils.  

How You Can Help

That’s why The United Way is putting together “Welcome Home Kits” that contains these items, which is a part of their “Home for Good” initiative, and where the effort from “Waxing the City” comes in to play. You can learn more at 

This is an opportunity by giving just a little can go a long way to making a positive impact for someone and help them begin to put the pieces of life back together.  

If you would like to donate unopened razors to help with this effort, you can drop off the items at “Waxing the City”, 2822 Division St. In St. Cloud. Anyone who donates will get a $10 off certificate for select services.  


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