There are some things during the summer months that you can count on and look forward to.  That is the time when there are a lot of fairs and festivals around with many opportunities to enjoy some fair-type foods.

One of the most popular fair-type foods that people love is a corn dog, of course. But let's not forget about mini donuts!! Mini Donuts are delicious!  And when they are apple cider mini donuts, they get even better!

This Saturday from 9 until 1pm you have an opportunity to get your fix of apple cider mini donuts at Menards in Waite Park.

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While you head into Menards to get whatever you need for your weekend projects, get a sweet treat at the mini donut food truck.

The prices seem fairly reasonable too.  You can get a dozen for $8, save a dollar when you buy two dozen, as that will cost your $15.  Save even more if you buy 3 dozen.  That will cost you $20.  Great for a Mother's Day weekend treat.

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