Bugs. They are everywhere. I do my best to live in peace and harmony with bugs but I don't understand much about them. If you are fascinated with bugs, or maybe you just want to learn what bugs are our allies and what bugs are pests, then this series is for you.


The University of Minnesota Extension educators are offering a webinar series covering all things insects. Topics for the series will include identification, integrated pest management, beneficial insects, and pollinators. Each individual session will dive deeper into the world of bugs.


The weather is heating up, and the creepy crawlies are out! How do we tell if what we are seeing is an insect or something else? When do we decide to squish a bug and when to leave it alone? This webinar will cover what makes an insect an insect and will give attendees an overview of all things a bug can do in our spaces. Resources and tips for insect identification will also be provided.

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Discover the insects that cause damage to things we care about. This session will cover the ways insects become pests, as well as Integrated Pest Management, which was created to help us decide if an insect is worth managing. This session will also cover common management strategies that can work on many different kinds of bugs.


Bugs aren't all bad. In fact, this webinar will cover basic information about two of the most important types of beneficial insects; pollinators and predatory insects. Learn the basics of Minnesota's pollinators and how to identify predatory insects that can do pest control for us. There will also be discussions about how to encourage these good bugs to hang out in our spaces.

JUNE 18TH -Q & A

If something talked about in one of the previous sessions piqued your interest, this will be an opportunity to have further discussions. Maybe you are struggling to manage your garden. This Q & A will give you an opportunity to connect with a team of extension educators to get more information and resources about the insects in your life.

At the end of the webinar series,  everyone participating will have access to a resource folder that will include information covered in the series, as well as our resources that can help in learning all about bugs.


To register for this series on bugs, click HERE now.

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