Pinch me please and tell me I'm dreaming! The Mall of America is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year -- and to make it extra special, the anniversary committee is looking for someone to live there for a week and write about it.

Just wait--it gets even better! The "writer in residence" will get $400 toward food for five days, a free hotel room for the week AND a $2,500 honorarium for their hard work!

So, what I'm trying to say is that someone is going to make BANK to live in the largest mall in America for 120 hours! Where do I sign up?!


If you're interested in applying for the contest you must submit a short biography of yourself accompanied with a five-thousand word essay explaining what you'd write about if you were selected. Make it something unique, too, because the committee is looking for something innovative!

The anniversary committee will select 25 finalists who will all be judged on their creativity and skill as a writer or journalist. Only one lucky winner will be named Mall of America's "writer in residence."

Good luck, and happy shopping!


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