I kick myself for never seeing a live performance of Garrison Keillor's 'Prairie Home Companion' at St. Paul's Fitzgerald Theater, which he stepped away from this past year. I've always been a fan, and I'm jumping on the chance to see him at St. Ben's in April on his five-city 'Gratitude Tour.'

It's part 50-year celebration of Minnesota Public Radio; part Garrison Keillor farewell tour of Minnesota. Keillor first went on the air in 1969.

Mr. Keillor reports that he has now reached a certain age when you realize how lucky you are and you stop complaining. Complaint is a mainstay of comedy, so he is now experimenting with a comedy of gratitude, talking about parents, teachers, lucky breaks, dumb things that turned out smart. This is his first experimental tour.

Garrison Keillor - The Gratitude Tour

  • 4/23 - The College of Saint Scholastica, Duluth
  • 4/24 - Bemidji State University, Bemidji
  • 4/25 - College of Saint Benedict, St. Joseph
  • 4/26 - Gustavus Adolphus, St. Peter
  • 4/28 - Concordia College, Moorhead

Tickets are free for SJU/CSB students, $10 for staff and faculty, and $25 for the rest of us, and go on sale Tuesday, January 31st.

See you there!

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